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I gave Gadget a nice cool bath this evening... Tomorrow he gets his frontline.... He was so funny... I was siting there leaning over the tub and he was hoping around like he always does when i am rinising him and I touched him with the warm water and he got mad... I made it a little colder well I turned off the hot water so it was just cold water and he started playin.... it was so cute.. he was a ball of energy when I was tryin to towel dry him.. he would go after the towel like when we play fight and he kept doing it .. Then I put him on the bed and he did a coupkle shakes and the he started chasing his tail... then he laid down and barked at his tail (looking right at it) then he would grab it then let go and bark at it againa nd grab it.. He started this like 1 minutes ago and he is still barking at his tail and grabbing it..

I have never seen a dog do this before..
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