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Gadget learned a new trick...

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WEll, ok it's not new but he did learn how to do 3 tricks right after another...

I taught him how to sit pretty, shake, and high five one right after the other while sitting pretty....
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the funny thing about it is Amanda tried to get him to do it the other day and he wouldn't do it...

I am the only one who can get him to do it... just like I am the only person who can get him to shake...

I love it when he does his little tricks for me... he will do them time after time after time...

He needs work doing them outside on his leash tho...
Dori you have to take some pictures of that!!!!
Id love to see more pics of gadget too pleaseeeeeee! :D :wave:
Kari said:
Dori you have to take some pictures of that!!!!
Good idea Kari!! PICS PLEASE
some can be very quick learners Daytona is and even at 3 yrs if i start with him i can still teach him new things. he does and knows what he needs to know now. the only thing i love that he does is cock his head. i havent taught him anything else other than his sit and stay and no and off and time for bed. I just want them to know their bounderies, be sociable and potti trained. but its great and I love to watch other chis or pets that are taught tricks. you must post pics
OK OK I have more pictures of Gadget I will post them in the picture section... The next time I have him do the trick I wil get pictures of him doing it..

I wasn't going to teach him tricks either but he learns so easy and he is the kind of dog that loves getting treats so I figure why not? I have him here with me all day and it is fun for him... he does know all the needed stuff. but he still needs to work on come in the house... he has it perfect outside.. I guess that is more inportant?

He has always liked to sit pretty.... I think that is his favorite one...
Way to go Gadget!!! Whats that like the 3 out of 20 tricks. I wish Seiah had the attention span to do that many... :roll: .
Well done Gadget you are a smartie!! :D :wave:
i want them to lear new tricks too ...but with 3 chi's it's not that easy :? they are so easy distracted and when i want to give a treat ...another one is trying to take it :wink:

kisses nat

ps good job gadget !!!
Gadget is soooo smart...and cute too! :wink:
What a smart little guy. I have a hard time teaching Bella anything right now. Her attention span is non existent. LOL!

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