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Gadget learned when to walk through the door way

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I finaly taught Gadget to walk out the door after I do.... He has been doing it every time we go through the door for about a week now...

He won't even come up the steps if I haven't came into the house.. once I am in the house he will run up the steps and into the house...

He will even do this when he is on the leash...
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What a gentleman! Now if only he could open doors...
ilovesadie said:
What a gentleman! Now if only he could open doors...
LOL...wouldn't that be a sight to see.

Congrats Gadget!!!
gadget is a real gent :D if only all men were like that :wink:

kisses nat
way to go! that is a very important step in training and showing who's alpha. and sometimes can be extremeley difficult to do!
Ohhhh well done Gadget! True Gent!!! woo hooo!!! and well done for trainin him to do it! :eek:
Wow thats excellent! I imagine its a hard behaviour to teach a dog? :)
That's very impressive.....good going Gadget !
:eek: wow, Gadget impresses me more amd more! He's such a delightful little guy!! :D :D :D
Thank you all...

I have heard that it is one of the hardest things to teach a dog... But for some reason he took to it really guickly....
You show the men how its done Gadget wtg!
Yay Gadget! :cheers: What a smart little man he is. And safer too, as you don't have to worry about him scooting past you and accidentally getting underfoot. Good boy! :)
This is kind of off topic but I just wanted to say that i think Gadget is one of the most handsome chi babies I've ever seen. I remember when you first got him and he was absolutely adorable then but he is just maturing into a beautiful pup! :wave:
Princess, thank you... he is beautiful... I would never believe he was black and tan when he was born if I didn't see it for myself.... he has changed so much... He has a wonderful personality to go with those looks....

Your are quite a gentleman. You must a very smart chi.

Cocoa and Jennie
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