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Gadget's new necklace pics added

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I was beading those beady buddies with Amanda and the neighbor kids the othere day and decided to try something new... well, I made gadget a necklace... they are really easy to do and fun too...

When I oput it on him he puts his head right through it..... I will get a picture of him modeling it tomorrow....
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He will look handsome in his new necklace.

Jennie cocoasmama
cool, I cant wait to see my lil Gadget modeling it!
looks great , i 'mcurious how it will look on gadget :wave:

kisses nat
ok Mandi will do... sorry I forgot to last week...
Why are we waiting, la la la .....come on we wanna see him modelling his new necklace!!
Gadget's new necklace pictures add

Here you all go.. these are the necklaces I have made for Gadget.

Amanda made the green and white one.

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OMG :shock: What a poser....and so handsome. If I ever make it to Oregon, Youd better lock Gadget up, cuz Im gonna steal him! I wanna smother him in kisses!
they look amazing dori!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*ps* you'll have mail by the end of this week...
Love them , my son makes them. Over here they are called 'scooby's'
and are all the craze at the mo.
I really didn't know what to call them... I didn't want to call them a collar... i do like the scooby name tho....
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