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Oh yes, a vet visit is a must!!! Its always risky when a chi is going to give birth, but it can be deadly if the pups are too big to pass!
She might not be far enough along yet, but they will do x-rays to see when the time is right to see if she will need a c-section or not.

Will this cost a small fortune...depends. If you are going to take this girl in you have to take her to the vet and often. It would be like a human being pregnant...they have to go to the doctor and take viatamins...same thing for a dog

Can they give birth while you are gone...not a good idea, especially since you dont know the father. So many things can go wrong and you want to be there in case you have to rush her to the vet. These arent willd animals anymore...its not like they will just go hide and have the pups and come back...there are so many problems that can develope just because of her size along! Definately you want to be home for her delivery. The vet will give you all the signs of pending birth so you will know when its time.

Gosh this is scary isnt it? just take it one step at a time and visit the vet and get his opinion. Make sure its a good vet....a vet that is use to small breed dogs.

Best of luck!

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