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genetics question

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I know coat length can be controled/predicted by genetics but can a puppies coat colour be predicted by their parents genetic backgrounds and if so what would you get from a red and cream with rescesive blue and a chocolate red and cream.

im terrible at math and

just curious.
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well i think its very hard to predict, altho i read some stuff about the blue gene once, and both parents need to carry that for the blue to come out inthe puppies, however i also remeber reading that chocolate some how had something to do with the blue gene.
Think thats the great thing about a chi litter you never know what your gona get
alot of the colours are too do with what the parents are and what there parents were etc - eg Ozzy and Lilys mom was red and white and all the pups were solid red :wave:
solid red, how great! yes both parents have to carry the blue gene to get blue pups.
thanks guys, i know blue and chocolate are both dilute genes and one shouldnt breed a dilute with a diulte as youll get washed out colouration, however a dilute with a hidden dilute could get some blue or chocolate pups...or somehting along those lines if i rember right, its more me getting lost on which colours are dominant in which pairings and i said algebra isnt realy my thing lol

heres a link with a little bit about the blue gene, altho tut! to their bit about teacups
you should try to never breed any blue gene to another blue gene or dilujte gene as you can get health problems in the skikn and eyes etc :wave:
thanks guys, its pretty much what i thought...
i just wondered if it was like people
with people blond haire and blue eyes is resesive ect...but seems with chis its more youll get what you get lol.

hey even better, means a suprise in every litter lol.

vixie doesnt display the blue however she has blue in her genetics, would be nice to see some blue pups :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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