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Ok not sure if this thread is stupid or not but this is sort of like the thead in the general section all about ourselves! Blimey can't even get me words out right! Well I really want to know all about your babies, I know when we first get them we write it all on a thread but what about the new people. I really don't know what I am saying so I will start.


1. He is a year and a half.
2. He comes from a breeder called Angela Aylett.
3. I got him at the end of January this year.
4. He is KC
5. His birthday is 14th January.#
6. He is fawn and white.
7. He is long haired.
8. He is very cute.
9. He barks quite abit.
10. He was £500
11. He weighs 3.5 lbs


1. Chico is 8mnths
2. He loves my boyfriend very much.
3. His breeder is from wales.
4. Got him the day after I got Bella at the end of may.
5. He is KC
6. He is also fawn and white
7. He is long haired.
8. He is the dumbest of my babies lol
9. He was alot of money lol
10. He is also known as pee pee
11. He wags his tail non stop.


1. Bella is 6mnths
2. She loves everybody.
3. Her breeder is from Liverpool
4. She is not kc
5. She is Black and white
6. She is also longhaired.
7. She is very dainty
8. She was ALOT of money.
9. Her pedigree name is Lady Bella Boo
10. Her fave food is chicken.

Ok so these are some ideas of what to put...luckily mine have not been through any awful experiences so I can't put that down.

If this is a rubbish thread please delete it!! :)
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