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Getting a puppy

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Hello, I am getting a Chi puppy in about four weeks. I am getting a male as I have a fairly aggressive female Beagle and two female cats, both de-clawed. The breader said he keeps his pups until nine weeks old. I think we may name him Cooper. I was also going to introduce the puppy and my Beagle on neutral grounds before bringing him into the home. Any other ideas on bringing home the puppy and helping the animals adjust?
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Hi welcome!

See if the breeder can keep the pup longer 10-12 weeks is best as chi's need a little longer than most dogs....I woudl definately do the intro on neutral ground or even take the dog to visit the puppy.. :wave:

Thanks for the information
I also have a declawed female cat, 3 years old. Tucker loves to run after her. At first the cat was upset about having a puppy around, but eventually they made friends (well, sort of) and now the cat will sometimes lay on the floor and roll over just to play with Tucker. (Though at the beginning, she stayed up on top of furniture out of Tucker's reach. And I'm talking months here). Each cat is different though, and your pup may not even give chase to them. Just be sure to let your cats know that they haven't been replaced in your affections, and they will probably adjust just fine, given time. :)
:wave: welocome :wave:

goodluck with your new furbaby :)
Welcome...have a great time with your newbaby! :D :wave:
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