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When I first brought my chi home yesterday, she wouldn't really drink at first. She would only lick water off my fingers, then eventually she would drink out of this little bowl of water when I gave the bowl to here.

Now today, she will not drink out of the bowl no matter what I do. She will still lick the water off my fingers usually, but that's it. I even went out to get her little water bottle (like the ones hampsters use) and she won't even use that. So what can I do to get her to drink? I'm worried she might get dehydrated...

Also, how many times do they tend to poop in a day. She must've gone like 8 times so far today, but she really hasn't been eating too much. She ate about half a container of that Cesars soft food stuff (she doesn't like her dry food much :roll:), but I noticed it made her poop all soft and she kept pooping A LOT. I don't know if her pooping so much is normally, or because she ate so much of the Cesars. :?:

Also, any ideas to get her to eat more? I don't think she is getting a 1-1.5 cups worth of food. I have been giving her some honey, and she likes that...but she will not touch her dry food. :? Could she still be full from all the Cesars earlier today? The only times she has eaten her dry food was when it was wet with a bit of water...

Sorry for all the questions, but hopefully someone will have some insight!
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