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Getting impatient again...

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So after my incredible learning experience with adopting a Chi for 8hrs, my rabid need for a Chi was soothed a bit.

But its getting stronger again...
Im starting to get more and more frustrated at the fact that I cant have my little Momo now.

Its definitely not as bad as it was, but its getting there.

It doesnt help that my Fiances friend has a Chiweenie who is pregnant from a Chi/Terrier, due in 2 weeks.
I dont know what to do!!
I have been fantasizing about getting a Long Coat Chi for so long... But now I have the opportunity to possibly get a mix for free...
It would most likely be short haired, and would be a mix. But then I could spend the money I have raised on Vet bills and toys.

Im confused, and I dont know what to do.

I could keep waiting, and raise more money to eventually get a $450 to $550 Long Coat Purebred Chi...
Or I could get the mix for free or super cheap in about 10 or 12 weeks.

I keep wanting to wait because I want to have the perfect Chi for what I have been dreaming about, but I am afraid my impatience will get the better of me. Plus its quite a chunk of cash...
Im also scared if I get the Mix that the timing will be bad... Im scared that things wont work right for everything else happening in my life.

Not sure why I am posting this...
Probably cause I cant really complain to my Fiance because he is tired of me talking about Momo... And my Mother-in-Law (who we live with) doesnt want me to get one.

Sorry guys... Haha.
Rant over.
Just needed someone to know!
Thanks for reading! :D
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I know what you mean. I'm very impatient and when looking for a chi I was afraid I would get the wrong one just because I could have it now. I've always wanted a long haired chi of my own (i had two growing up) but a cross was cheaper but I held out and got the dog I really wanted because I didn't want to spend the next 15 years or so of my life with a fall back dog. I'd still love it but I might regret the decision and that isn't fair to me or the dog. I'll only be getting one dog, perhaps one more in the distant future....I wanted it to be the right one. I got Mylo and there haven't been any around that I like more since and he's so well behaved that I think it was meant to be. The right dog will come along and when they do you'll know it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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