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Getting impatient again...

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So after my incredible learning experience with adopting a Chi for 8hrs, my rabid need for a Chi was soothed a bit.

But its getting stronger again...
Im starting to get more and more frustrated at the fact that I cant have my little Momo now.

Its definitely not as bad as it was, but its getting there.

It doesnt help that my Fiances friend has a Chiweenie who is pregnant from a Chi/Terrier, due in 2 weeks.
I dont know what to do!!
I have been fantasizing about getting a Long Coat Chi for so long... But now I have the opportunity to possibly get a mix for free...
It would most likely be short haired, and would be a mix. But then I could spend the money I have raised on Vet bills and toys.

Im confused, and I dont know what to do.

I could keep waiting, and raise more money to eventually get a $450 to $550 Long Coat Purebred Chi...
Or I could get the mix for free or super cheap in about 10 or 12 weeks.

I keep wanting to wait because I want to have the perfect Chi for what I have been dreaming about, but I am afraid my impatience will get the better of me. Plus its quite a chunk of cash...
Im also scared if I get the Mix that the timing will be bad... Im scared that things wont work right for everything else happening in my life.

Not sure why I am posting this...
Probably cause I cant really complain to my Fiance because he is tired of me talking about Momo... And my Mother-in-Law (who we live with) doesnt want me to get one.

Sorry guys... Haha.
Rant over.
Just needed someone to know!
Thanks for reading! :D
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I think you are making a good decision in waiting, since there is a specific kind of dog you are dreaming to have. Make your dream a reality. :)
I recently got a free Chi mix puppy. Nothing is free though. She wasn't wormed and didn't have any shots so we had to spend a lot at her first vet appointment. I lucked out with my Roxy though, personality and health wise.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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