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Getting new puppy in 1 month

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Hi my name is Beverly and I'm finally getting another chi. My first one died in 2003 and now just found one to purchase. I'm needing some help on naming. My chi is white with black spots and one eye has a half black circle around it. I can't wait to bring him home. Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated.
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Hi, dont want to say the obvious but what about Patch! :D
Welcome!! I bet you are so excited to get your new chi baby!!! How about Tito?
How exciting!!!! Cant wait to see a pic, do u have one yet? How about Wilson? or Domino?
Kemo's mamma said:
How about Wilson? or Domino?
I love those names!! Domino is really cute!!!
I really like Domino too :D
hi and welcome!!! :wave: i like domino to...
Hello and Welcome :hello2:

We have a name section, maybe you can find something there.
Congrats on the new chi!
Hello & welcome. Congrats on getting your new chi. I like domino for a black & white chi too :D
He sounds so cute, can't wait to see a picture and Domino is cute or Domingo for a more spanish sound
Hello and welcome! :wave: I like Domino! :wink:
wow I might have to get me a black n white now and name him Domino

it was my old cats name! :D
KJsChihuahuas said:
How about Pirate? If he has a half covered eye?
thats cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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