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Getting Puppies next weekend! So exciting!

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Hi all – I am very excited to be joining the ranks of Chihuahua owners! On the Easter weekend I will be getting my puppies and I can hardly wait! They are both boys - named Cody and Wyatt. Cody is a tri-colour and Wyatt is all red, and they are sooooo adorable! I will post a pic tonight from home.

In February of this year I had posted a request on this site for a trade – 2 puppies for a website. Although I didn’t hear from anyone on this site, I had gone through some of your posts and found other sites that I could try. I wrote a total of 14 emails to breeders in the US (I am in Toronto, Canada) and had 2 bites (pardon the pun)! Almost everyone I wrote to was amazingly supportive and sent back really positive messages – I cannot believe how friendly everyone was!

I have just about finished the site – I will post a link once it is live – and now the breeder, her mom and my puppies are driving to Toronto from Wichita, Kansas. They are absolutely lovely people and it has been a real pleasure working with them.

I have read a lot of posts where people are looking for puppies and members keep telling them the right puppies are out there and it will happen – I just wanted to encourage them that it does!

Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone has had this experience: almost everyone, when I tell that I am getting Chi’s, freaks out and asks me if I am crazy! They are so negative towards the breed and I just don’t understand! Everything I have read is very positive and every owner I know that has a chi wouldn’t part with it for the world. Has anyone else noticed this? Am I missing something? It just seems really weird – that strong of a reaction.

Would love to hear your own experiences.

Dalene, Cody & Wyatt
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I'm so glad it worked out for you. I can't wait to see pictures of your pups. I have no idea why chi's have such a bad reputation except that probably some that have never been made to mind have given all of them a bad rep. I adore my boy, that's for sure.
Welcome! I know the excitement you're feeling. I still have to wait for my pup-I wish I were in your place!! :lol:
Can't wait to see pics of your new pups!! :)

Also, about the bad rep... I can only guess it's because of what people have turned their dogs into. You know the saying "There are no bad dogs, only bad owners"? I think that applies here.
Hello and welcome!

Can't wait to see some pictures! :)
Same here. When I say I have chi puppies the reply is...No not them noisey ankle biters. I then have to reply that this is a limited view of them and that if they spent any time with mine they would probably never want another breed. The most loyal friend you will never find.

My opinion. :D
i know how you feel I am also getting my chi puppy easter weekend and can't wait either! Congrats! :cheers:
I am happy for you that you finally found your puppies and that a breeder is willing to drive all that way to get them to you... I can't wait until I see your pictures and their website.

I think Chihuahuas get their bad rep because they are tiny and most people think they are nothing but rat dogs.. well I was one of them... even when I had mine when I was a kid.. because he was a rat dog and an ankle biter...

But since I have met my neighbors (Gadget's mom and dad's owners) I have come to love them again... It is really nice to see that they are not that bad of a dog...

I love my Gadget more than anything on this earth.. well, a 2nd to my daughter and husband. but he is our baby...
Hi Dalene
I know exactly what you mean. On another chi site I went to, a woman tried to discourage me from getting a chihuahua, and she owns them :!: I agree with the others who say a dog is what you make of them. Good luck with your new little guys.
Here is the picture of Cody and Wyatt!

Thanks, everyone, for the kind replies and the welcome. It helps to know that REAL owners of Chi's think their breed is the best! I hated second guessing myself on my choice of Chi's and couldn't believe the amount of negitive "press" they get! : )

Blossom - Are you just waiting to get a puppy you have already picked or are you still looking? It is so exciting!

ChiMom - with a name like ChiMom you must already have at least 1 chi? I never knew a week was sooooo long! LOL

Hopefully this picture works.

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shoot that didn't work!

how about this

I've already settled on a breeder. I just have to wait for the pups- the mommy is preggers right now!! I'm super excited because I have been waiting and planning for two years now!! :D They should be ready to go in June. (Soooo far away!!! :p )
PS. Those two are soooooo CUTE!!!! :) :) You're real lucky!!!
I am so glad things worked out for you. I definately think everything happens for a reason but patience is by far the key. Cody and Wyatt are so cute. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of them! :)
Welcome.......your puppies are gorgeous. I am glad everything worked out for you.
They are adorable... My breeders pups are due April 10th.. and then I have to wait 7 weeks after that.. So I should be getting her about June as well.
Maddie said:
They are adorable... My breeders pups are due April 10th.. and then I have to wait 7 weeks after that.. So I should be getting her about June as well.
So we're in the same boat!! Aren't you super excited? Don't you think about her all the time?? I'm really glad I joined this forum, because my family was just about to get fed up with me!!! :lol: :lol:

Jackie :wave:
There so cute!
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