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Hi all,
I dont know if the Giardia vaccine question was ever answered but I just asked the vets I work for and they DONOT reccommend it.
They said there is no proof that the vaccine prevents Giardia...basically your dog can still get the paracite even if vaccinnated. It also hasent been out very long. They dont even carry it in the office because they tell their clients not to get it. They said that Giardia can be common but easily treated.

(basically the conversation went like this.....*i said* 'hey doc, what do u think of the giardia vaccine?' *dr. obrien shakes head and says* 'hey chuck (another doc)...what do u think of the giardia vaccine?" *dr. chuck says* " doesnt work"
Then Dr. O went to explaining why they dont like it)

They also said that even though Giardia is common and can be dangerous its very easy to treat and is only dangerous if left untreated...even in people. Basically as long as u are washing ur hands after handling infected poop u are fine. And if you notice ur dog having diahrrea for longer then two days and its foul smelling or has blood in it, if you bring a stool sample to be tested right away they can get the dog on the proper meds and treat it right away.

Hope this was helpful. I dont have anything to post that backs this up but I trust the vets I work for very much and if ALL of them agreed strongly then I feel pretty safe sharing this with you all.

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