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Girl names needed!

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Hi everyone!

I have just got my first Chihuahua last week and I am totally in love! However I have one small problem that my gorgeous girl has no name! And she is started to respond to Puppy! She is only 0.5kg at the moment and both her parents are small so I don't think she will grow big.

Some names I like are:

As you can see I love really girly names and I would love some names from other Chi owners! :) Hopefully the pictures have attached ok!

Thanks in advance!

Bella x
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Thank you for the names! Its so hard to pick a name based on what suits her. Bliss is my favourite but she is a bit naughty (already!) so I am not sure that suits her anymore! Its a shame as I loved names like Heaven etc but it seems a bit ironic now!!

I love Ruby as it is a bit feisty yet girly! Poppy did go through my mind too, and I still love Peaches! Oh God she is never going to get a name :confused:

I have put all the suggestions down on my shortlist and going to discuss with my Mum first :D I will let you know what we decide - she is only 9 weeks!
I loved the name Bambi - she does look like one too thanks to her big eyes and small body. I said if I wasn't called Bella that is what I would call her! I mean Bella is short version of my name, but I love it hence why I started to call myself that :)

I like Fawn too, Mums name is Dawn tho! Haha our house would be confusing!

A name will be decided by the end of the day!!...I hope! :D
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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