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Girl wanted

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As some of you know i've spoken to a few people re getting a little girl puppy :) anyone hear of anything i'd be really greatful of the info :)
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Fizzy tell mama to call up all them numbers I put up and get a lil princess for my boy to marry lol
Stef , I called loads of the numbers , no luck yet :roll:
( fingers crossed i'll get some luck with the breeder I spoke to eariler today but still on the look out just in case no girls in the litter he has due )

Sara :wave:
yes good thinking :wave: so have you got a lil princess pictured in mind? smoothie? silky long? red? black? white? BLUE? :shock:
I don't mind what colour , or long or short coat :)
Just want a little precious angel ' Dorothy ' :)
No luck yet , all to far away for me at the moment !!!!!! , but I'm keeping my hopes up :)
Sara, good luck with your search!! I'll keep my eye out for you and Fizzy. :D
Got the PM thanks so much Stef :D :D (I wasn't online last night )
lol well Ive spoken to my breeder for sara and the chances are she could 99% almost have a pup from the litter due if she wants one.. same dad as mine. she has 2 females pregnant... shes a private breeder so i got her consent and gave sara her details :wave: . Sorry if I bursted the bubble on ya sara :oops: let us know how it goes when you call her :wave: Im going down saturday.. I could take pictures of the parents if you like???
opps sorry me and my big nose ha lol hope it all goes well for you sra and you get the perfect pup
Cheers Stef , i'll PM you in a few mins ;) and let you know how I get on :)
Any luck? :D *fingers crossed*
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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