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Went to the vet today and he wanted me to give Guiness 1/4 pill of Metronidazole.. but I forogt why. Anyone else have a clue?? :-/
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I don't know what that is. Did you take him in for shots or.....?

I took him in for a health varification. Just to make sure he is healthy - plus I was concerned about his cough. The vet had said something about montazuma's revenge.. and said he gives it to all (new??) puppies.. or dogs or som ething.. not sure. I need to work on my listening skills.. but then again, I was stress about his cough.

He had wierd poop after I gave it to him.. liquidy. Poor guy. :-/
Metronidazole is for bacterial and parasitic infections so he probably gave it to him for the cough and it's possibly going to cause montezuma's revenge if is stool is already getting soft and liquified.
José was just given this for a stomach bug he had last week.... he had diarrhea really bad... cleared it up right away... it's actually a "fungicidal/antibiotic"... Women are given this when they have fungal/bacterial infections.

So maybe it's something he gave him just in case??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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