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Gizmo and Daddy's Cake

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This was a cake I made my hubby...I put Gizmo next to the cake for a picture and he wouldn't touch it!!! WHat a good lil boy...LOL
(don't laugh at my lack of cake decorating skills...hehe)

Oh and on Daddy's Guitar case

and one in his PJ's... :D
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He is so freakin cute. I love him. Bella has the tuffs around her ears just like Gizmo. I think it is sooooo cute. And what a baker you are...loved the cake!

Gizmo is such a little babe...
The cake looked really good well done , i cannot make a cake to save my life!!

What wonderful photos :) He is so good to be so near that cake !!
My Fizzy would have eaten it ALL before I'd taken the photo ;)
Gizmo is so adorable...and such a good boy not to eat any looked yummy ! the pic of him in his PJ's makes you want to pick him up for a sweet !
I put the PJ's on Gizmo because my husband turns down the AC to Alaska

But Gizmo ends up semi-naked by morning...I think he likes to be naked too much....hehehehe

hmmmm :D
Oh my picture cuter than the other!
What a cute baby boy..what a lovely cake..what a cute pj...
Too cute!


Gizmo is so cute ... those PJs are adorable and the two together are what we call "crazy cute"! I wish Cooper would wear PJs but he won't ... although he will wear t-shirts and things.

Next time Gizmo's getting near the guitar case, ask him if he can do this:

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what'da good lil boy! cute jammies! and ur cake looks lush!
so cute and the cake is adorable too :lol:
Awww He looks so cute in his jammies. Cake looks yummy too :D
MMM...can you send some cake over here?! :D Gizmo looks so cute in his pjs! I wanna hop in bed and snuggle with him!
Wow Gizmo is a cutie! He looks so soft! Your hubby is a lucky man - great looking cake! :D
Chihuahua & chocolate 2 favorites!!!
That cake looks delicious...mmmmmm.....and Gizmo is just too cute for words :D
mmm cake looked great!!!

he looks adorable in his pj's!!!
Awwwww.....such cute pics. Love Gizmo in his pj's.

Was that a chocolate cake? That's my you've made me crave chocolate cake. :lol:
The cake looks good but Gizmo looks even yummier. I love chi's in jammies!!! :lol:
mmm nice looking cake :wink: and gizmo ...well he looks good enough to eat too :D

kisses nat
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