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I decided to name this story...

"Gizmo and the missing Piddle"

Mommy is busy looking online for stuff to occupy her devil-angels (6th graders) when Gizmo decides to take a stroll through the house. Now, normally mommy would follow Gizmo to make sure nothing bad happened, but since she thinks she can trust him she lets him be.

Gizmo comes back into the office and begs to be in mommy's lap, so mommy of course picks him up and cradles him in one arm when she notices his Twinkle-Doodle is wet...she looks at Gizmo and gives him the "Oh no you didn't stare" and decides to find his piddle. She searches in the living room...and no piddle...she looks under the piddles...she even looks in the corners or the house, under the couch, on the carpets, and....

no piddle...

Mommy finally gave up and she was tired and it was too late to reprimand Gizzie....

But the question still remains...

Where is Gizmo's missing piddle?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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