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Gizmo lost a Tooth!!!

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After speculating when he was going to lose a tooth...

I was driving to 7-11 because I had to Have a coke slurpee...I just had to have it...LOL

So Gizmo was in his seat chewing on a little bear when I saw blood on the bear...mind you I am driving so I see blood and I start to freak...I wasn't screaming...LOL....but I had to pull over to see where it was coming from...that's when I opened his mouth...more like pried it open and saw he had a missing tooth...he lost one of his canines (fangs)!!! I can see a little bit of white so I know it is coming through....the best part...when I looked through his blanky I found his canine!!! I put it in his puppy scrapbook... :D

Now....should I soften his food a little bit since he is missing his canine? I was thinking of soaking his kibble a lil bit in water...he is eating one sided today...

Mommas baby is growing up :wink:
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Yoda has still yet to loose a tooth.

I would love to find a tooth around here lol.
I always got so excited when Angel would lose a tooth. :) She just lost her last canine yesterday. I think she is about done now. Just after we moved, she was losing up to two teeth a day! Started thinking I was going to have to buy some baby food because she couldnt possibly have any teeth to chew with. :D

Unless he is having noticeable trouble chewing, I wouldn't worry about softening food. Angel never had any trouble chewing at all.
i found cosmo 's canine too :D , i was so happy :wink:

you can soften his kibble but i don't think it's necessary :wave:

kisses nat
How cool is that?

You know I saw blood on one of Bella's toys too a few weeks back and I checked her mouth and she did loose a tooth, but I couldn't find it. :x

aww! arent the baby teeth the best! i never did find a chloe tooth :( but i have a tyson tooth i was wrestling (tug of war) with him with a towel and i noticed blood and then looked and found his little tiny tooth! i saved it haha its soo small! little giz is growing up :) dont forget to put a treat under his pillow! :wink:
At what age are they supposed to lose their canine teeth (fangs)? Jasmine is almost 10 mos old, and still has hers. My grand-daughter and I were checking her teeth last weekend. She thinks I need to take her to the vet and have them extracted.

What do you folks think? I'm really hesitant to have them extracted because I know they will probably have to put her to sleep. Guess I just need to make a vet appt and let my vet decide.

Advice, opinions?
I would check with the vet. Our vet had told me they usually lose them somewhere around 6 months. Maybe a little sooner, maybe a little later. Angel was 5 months when she lost the bottom two and 6 when she lost the top two.
if you see the adult teeth coming through while the baby teeth are still in there then they have to be removed. i think it's happening with chiwi but i'm not too sure. she is going in on monday so i'll find out then.
I saved one of Kooze's that I found on the floor when I stepped on it. And yes you should put his food in a little bit of water to soften it up for him, or just give your puppy the wet food that cost like 75 cents that comes in individual pedigree pouches :wave:
Aw Gizmo is growing up So glad you found the tooth I found and kept 2 of Auggies :D
my vet says the crunchy food helps the gums "open up" better for the new teeth that are coming in. plus if you get him used to moist food he may not want to eat his crunchies and then that leads to poor teeth in the future. :wave: and it's not like all his teeth are missing all at once just one or 2 so he'll be fine with his crunchies.
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