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Gizmo's Teeth

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His top right and lower canines haven't fallen out and the new ones grew right in behind the baby tooth. The bottom canine is side by side...

anyway, I was thinking of having the doctor pull those teeth during his neuter or should I wait and do it seperately. I just imagine the poor baby having his teeth pulled and his "jelly beans" taken away all at the same time and him being upset...LOL...

I am nervous about the anesthesia which is why I would rather do it all at one shot...

hmmm...whatcha think?
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I guess I'd have it all done at once because of the anesthesia. I mean, the poor guy will be very uncomfortable for awhile but that's what pain meds are for. Are baby teeth less "rooted" than permanent teeth? I would think so. If they are, then I imagine the pain of having baby teeth extracted wouldn't be quite as severe as having permanent teeth pulled. So maybe the extra pain won't be that significant.

Basically, I don't know. :dontknow: :lol: But I'd prefer not to anesthetize a small animal any more times than necessary.

If I was still "on the fence" about it, I'd go with what the vet recommends.
I would definitely have them pulled out if they haven't fallen out by then. Do you have anything to play tug-o-war with? That's how we got one of our dog's (Chi mix) canines to come out.

Actually, he had retained two teeth and he was playing tug with a toy with my other dog and she yanked them out for him. They popped right out, I heard them :shock: ! He didn't yipe or anything and he went right on playing so I don't think it's very painful after they come out.
paris has that too :? i have to go to the vet next week wednesday ...she's already spayed ,so i'm curious what he will say ......

we were waiting for her upper canines to come , because they are crooked, but now her underteeth (2 pairs ) are in there double :roll: paris 's mouth is a mess , poor baby :cry:

kisses nat
it's what i have to do with chiwi. she's going in on tuesday. if i dont' get them out now while she has her spay then there's a risk her adult teeth come in crooked.. not that i'm showing her or anything i just don't want a crooked set fo choppers in her mouth. i'd hate for future dental problems :?
I would have them pulled when he is neutered. I really don't think it will be too painful having them extracted, and if it were me I would much prefer him having a little extra discomfort than having anesthesia twice. The vet will probably give you pain meds anyway - if not, I would ask. Some vets seem reluctant to give pain meds for some reason, and I don't understand why. Just because they're pets and can't tell you how they feel, doesn't mean they don't have pain.
I second everyone's advice -- have them done when he is neutered. You obviously want to subject your pup to as little anesthesia as possible. He will come out of it just fine! My pups just got spayed on Friday (2 at once) and they are doing great. I think you'll be happy you did it at once and can get it over with. They will give your pup plenty of pain meds to keep him comfortable.
Almost every vet I know of pulls any remaining baby teeth at the same time as the spay or neuter. The less surgeries the better. :)
with mine that was a bit pointless they wouldn't have any teeth left :lol: :lol:

kisses nat
my lab jamie got that done just a few weeks ago, and he didn't seem bothered by it at all. he ate fine.. and was chewing on his toys as usual... so if you are up to it. go ahead, it might be easier to only be put under anteshia. (sp bigtime i know)once.
tundra had them both at the same time. she didn't seem to mind at all (she was more concerned with her stitched up tummy). there was no whining, crying, and she ate just fine.
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