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I guess that's why us Women were given a gut instinct and men weren't. lol (no offense to men). If you've been following my Allergy shot regimen with Midgie, you'll know what we've been going through up til this point. I try to document her progress and failures on another on-going thread.

To recap, I've been giving Midgie her shots here at home so I don't have to drive back and forth and she has become deathly afraid of the vet from all the shots leading up to this. We started out giving her allergens of .01 ml and gradually increasing every week. Her last shot was .4 ml 12/4 and she was scheduled for her next shot in two weeks (tomorrow-1/7). She's been pretty itchy and miserable throughout this whole process and we backed down her shots a couple of times. I called the vet several weeks ago with my concerns of excessive itchness, but she's said to keep on the schedule, that if we keep backing down, she'll never get used to the allergens. Continued on with the shots. Each week after a shot she'd be miserable for the first 2-3 days than it wouldn't seem so bad. Well this last shot on 12/4, since she wasn't scheduled for her next shot til 2 weeks, I thought she'd be calm enough for it, but the itching, shaking her head, dragging her but, chewing her feet and rear end just didn't seem to stop, plus she's been getting me up in the middle of the night scratching. She was so miserable last night, she was hot one minute and cold the next. She would crawl up in my face loving on me and telling me she was miserable than do the same thing to my hubby.

The schedule says it's time to reorder refills, but before I reorder or give her a shot tomorrow, I wanted the vet to check her out and tell me if this is normal (which I didn't think it was!) Thank goodness I made the appointment and went with my gut instinct.

The vet took one look at her and said her face and mouth is red and swollen and she felt we've been overdosing her on the shots (the shots are actually designed for the average size dog) and Midgie little (weighs 7.1). She wants to back her all the way down to .1 ml and I'm glad! But why is she dragging her but? I have her on a high fiber food; her anal glands shouldn't need expressing? She saw where Midgie's vulva was raw & irritated from the allergies. She was so happy I brought her in before the next shot; she said that had I give her that shot, I'd be rushing Midgie in over the weekend with a bad reaction. (This scared the **** out of me).

She asked me if I was still feeding that wonderful dog food I showed her & how good it is for her! I said YES!

The vet couldn't believe how beautiful her coat, skin and eyes looked from being on this food.

Sorry so long, but I want those who are going/might be going through the same thing or something similar to know what to expect and look for. I've thought about driving back and forth to let them give the shot, but the vet don't give the shot, the workers do, so Midgie wouldn't be seen by the vet unless I requested it.:p
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