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going away for the first time.

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This weekend I am going to a concert a few hours away. we will be camping there. Callisto will be staying with two very good friends who I trust immenslybut who shes hasn't spent a great deal of time with. I will be leaving 9ish friday morning and returning sunday evening. I'm so nervous about leaving her home but its out of the question to take her with us (too many people, not nearly safe enough). I've never even been away from her for a night. Is there anything that I can do to make this easier on her (and me!) I know I'm being silly but I cant help worrying. what if she won't eat, what if she frets, what if she misses me, or worse, what if she doesn;t!
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As long as you trust the people taking care of her i am sure she will be fine. I am sure she will miss you and be so excited when you come back :D
I don't think you're being silly at all. Make sure she has her favorite blankie and toys and maybe some special treats. Maybe even send along something of yours so she can smell it. But as long as you trust these people, I'm sure your girl will be fine. Think how happy you'll be to see each other again. :)
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