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So after being on the road with hubby for over a month, we decide to get a load home because he hasn't been paid since before we left. The truck needs repairs before we head out again so we stopped off at his bosses house to drop off the truck and turn in his paperwork and what do you know. Someone's been too broke to pay the driver making her every cent she has (this is the only truck she owns and she doesn't have any other job) somehow managed to purchase new carpeting for her entire house, new furniture for her family room, and a new dining room table, chairs, and hutch. And to top it all off there's a brand new 2009 Tahoe in her driveway all since we've been gone. Nice to know someones getting good use out of his paycheck. Not like we've got bills or anything....

Sorry to rant but this has been an ongoing thing and I feel like I am just going to break down soon. Hubby has been with 3 companies(including this one) since I moved in with him 10 months ago and all 3 now have screwed him over and and the 2 bfore this one (but this one is heading there) forced him to quit because they just stopped paying him. We have proof that she's not paying him what he's earned but having a job means too much to him. I love him but this is just getting to be too much. I know this is his job but we made a mutual decision that he would be the one to bring in our income and he wanted me to be the "stay-at-home-mom" so to speak. I would be coming with him on the road until we had children, but since that isn't exactly an option, I just live with him on the road.
I just don't know what to do. Venus is well taken care of. I always have an emergency stash of cash in case something were to happen to her, and I always make sure she has plenty of everything. She is on Wellness food now, she always has her puppy pads, she has an over-abundance of toys. But in the mean while hubby and I are basically starving because his boss is selfish.

Sorry to rant but I just need to vent to someone. I feel like I just want to break down bawling but I've been holding this in so long I don't think I can.
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