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Going out of town and hotel doesn't allow pets....

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In October my husband and parents and I are going to the coast and staying in one of my parent's hotels in their timeshare they have. I called and they don't allow pets at all and I know my parents will not let me sneak in Corky if the hotel doesn't allow pets. We have had this planned since May before we ever got Corky.

I know it is a while off and he will be much older...about 5 months. But I am already worried about leaving him. It will be for about 2.5 days. My Dad said he would come and stay at my house with him and he really likes my Dad. I am just worried that something will change and my Dad won't be able to stay at my house and only come by to feed him and stuff and he will be in his kennel the whole time.

Has anyone had to leave their babies for that long? Any suggestions to make it easier on him?
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When I went out of town I left my chi at a doggy hotel :lol: my friend told me about the place, they feed and play with them. I called to check on him maybe there is someplace like that where you live :wink: hope it helps
I won't stay in hotels that don't allow Cooper to be there as well. I don't see why all hotels don't allow dogs under 15 lbs or so. To me, it's like telling a family their kids can't stay in the room.

Do you have to stay at that particular hotel? If not, there are plenty of places out there that will allow pets. When you called, did you specify your dog was a chi and would be sleeping in a kennel?

If anything, you could ask them if they allow assistance dogs - if so, just tell them your pup is one. I do that with Cooper (because he IS an assistance dog) but the "main" reason he's there, in the hotel's eyes, is because he senses my MS attacks. While he does actually sense the attacks, he's there because he's my baby boy and I don't want to be without him.

Just lie. Tell them you have epilepsy, MS or something and your dog is an assistance dog. You don't have to have a seizure to prove it and you don't have to produce any paperwork. :lol:
We dont HAVE to stay in that motel but my parent's have points to use for their timeshare so it is cheaper or free (not exactly sure how it works). They are treating us so I feel bad demanding we stay somewhere else when this is a birthday present for me....
I understand cheap... I don't understand time shares though LOL

The "dog hotels" are usually really good places and the dogs get more human interaction than if you leave them at the vet for boarding. They're expensive but I think I would pay more if I knew my pup was getting more attention than he would at the vet's office.

I actually drive to my parents house outside of Forth Worth (3 hours away) and leave my kiddies with them when I go on a plane or somewhere when it's not possible to take them, especially Cooper. My parents love having them there (OmaKitty and Mom have a love affair with each other) and I know exactly what kind of pet owners my folks are. And, since I know that, I know I'll have a lot of work with Cooper when I return after my Dad gets done spoiling him 10x worse than I do.

I can't imagine what I would do if they weren't available when I needed them. I could leave Cooper with friends or in a dog hotel but OmaKitty is a whole different story with her background and emotional and psychological problems. I probably wouldn't go if my parents weren't around to keep her for me.
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Don't sneek them in we got hit with a $200 fee for that when we left the room Poco made his presence known :lol: Hubby got out of it but he's extremely convincing when he tells people he won't let any of his salesguys stay in their hotel.
I think you have to trust your dad. If he knows how much Corky means to you, he'll stay the whole time, won't he? :)
chiscrochetcrazy said:
Don't sneek them in we got hit with a $200 fee for that when we left the room Poco made his presence known :lol: Hubby got out of it but he's extremely convincing when he tells people he won't let any of his salesguys stay in their hotel.
when i went to a hotel , (last month ) my aunt who booked the room told me they allow pets. i had both jamoka and jemini with me.
when i went inside to check in there was a big sign in big red letters"NO PETS ALLOWED" so i really don't understand how she missed this.
Jamoka was still getting used of the of the family i was around so he would bark , long story short i had to find a hotel for them to stay in fast! and every hotel i wanted was booked up b/c it was 4th of July weekend.
i had to settle for this run down place that was run by a guy who couldn’t see nor hear! but it must have been oh k b/c there was at least 10 people out side signing up there dogs and they come there everyday. (it was only 8.00 per dog) :cry:

it wasn't up to my standards of the way my dog should sleep and for those of you who have seen lady and the tramp, when lady got put in the kennel and it was all dirty and wet that's what it looked like i brought my own kennel and toys and blankets. after that stay i threw everything out!! i didn't want to bring anything back with me.i to me it was point less for me to leave them there b/c i felt like the worst person in the world! :cry: i was cry'n all day snap'n at people. i was feeling like i should have checked out this hotel my self. but now i will do my own booking or make sure i have a doggy hotel for them to stay at. sorry guys it's i really haven't talked about that lol it just started pouring out sorry! :wave: :roll:
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I have mixed feelings about animals allowed in hotels. I stayed at a nice beach hotel in California in January, and my husband and I left with horrible itchy flea bites all over us. They were definitely animal fleas and it was totally disgusting seeing them jumping all over our bed. I swore I'd never again stay in a hotel that allowed pets. This was before we got our chi, and now I don't really have a choice if take him on a trip. I think from now on I will rent some kind of beach condo and sneak him in. I can't imagine that happening again, it was that terrible!!
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