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Gone off her food?

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In the past couple of weeks or so Lola has become suddenly very fussy and picky about her food. She was always such a great little eater and would eat everything I put down for her. She started on the burns puppy and now she's on Science plan puppy but for some reason she's not eating half as much as she used to. She's now 15 weeks old. She used to be really hungry in the morning and now I'm lucky if she eats anything before midday! She's gone from eating 4 small meals a day to the equivalent of one portion for the whole day. She's also started playing with her food. She'll pick up a biscuit from the bowl and chase it round the house but not eat it! There is nothing at all wrong with her as she's been thoroughly checked out and she's drinking fine etc. Is it possible that she's gone off eating because she's teething maybe?? I've even tried wetting the dried food but it makes no difference! I'm just worried as its such a big change from how she used to get real excited about food time and inhale all her food and still want more! I used to pick up her bowl if she hadn't finished in half an hour but now I'm leaving it down all day for her to pick at bits during the day as this is the only way I can get her to eat! The only things she will eat are her treats and boneos! Should I change her food again and see if this helps!? Or maybe its a phase that will pass?

Lucie & Lola :wave:
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Change her food to something natural. Nutro, Wellness, ROyal Canin, etc. They taste better to dogs that other foods. I recommend Royal Canin mini because the kibbles are super tiny and she wouldnt be able to play with them i dont think... bella likes it when i put a little wet food (wellness puppy) in her dry food (royal canin) and some water and heat it up. That is the only way she will eat it all in one sitting...
chi's are known to be fussy eaters!
Feeding pups bits of table (people) food will put them off their kibble. Also, too many treats will do the same thing. I'm not saying that you are doing either, I'm just trying to think what it might be. Tucker eats Royal Canin for Chis, but if he thinks that I might give him something else, he will hold out and wait to see if I do.

I would think that teething could be part of the problem.

Chis can become picky eaters at any age. Once you decide on a particular food, I would advise sticking with it, as we can create picky eaters by changing our furbabies' food overly much. :)
I melt cheese over Gadget's food for him.. he loves it and chows every piece... He will sit in the bedroom and watch me fix it and when that microwave beeps he comes running. I finally had to put a place mat under his bowls because he would take it out of his dish and then put it on the floor and then eat it... I know weird....
I haven't fed her anything human... never. Oh.... apart from a tiny tiny bit of cheese which she loved but when I told my vet he shouted at me and told me that that tiniest tiniest bit would be the equivalent to a third of her daily intake of fat!!! :shock: :shock: And I would end up with an overweight unhealthy adult! So.... I haven't done that again! :oops: The only other thing she goes absolutely crazy for is banana!! I have a banana for breakfast every morning and she goes wild to have a tiny little piece! I don't know whether it is the banana she loves so much or because she hasn't tasted anything else human! I will go and buy the Royal Canin food then. I don't want to keep changing her food and I've only changed it once in the 2 months I've had her (from the Burns to Science Plan). I have read they are fussy eaters but I thought Lola wasn't one of those because she always loved the food I put down for her! Sigh! She would always be so hungry first thing in the morning when I got her out the crate but now she's not interested in breakfast. And I think she plays with the kibbles because she's not hungry maybe.... like a child!? :D I tell her..."don't play with your food Lola, its not polite!!" :roll:

Thanks for the advice guys :wave:
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