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My little girl has been on royal canin since I got her. First the puppy mini dry and wet then I moved her on to the chihuahua specific kibble and pouches, alternating with the adult mini versions. She loves these and as they are such tiny pieces she can eat them easily and they don't upset her rather sensitive stomach. I've also found another chi specific dry and wet food, the AVA brand from pets at home (UK members will know it) and she loves this too, and eats it with no problem. Recently though I've been wondering if this food , mostly the royal canin is contributing to her tear stains and manic behavior. Honestly she's like a kid with adhd, hyperactive, throwing hissy fits over being told to stop it, won't respond to commands and an almost complete inability to focus on anything for more than five seconds. Could all this be linked to her food? Any suggestions for other foods? Has to be tiny pieces and definitely not raw as I can't stomach it.
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