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Good God!!!

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Well Echo starting limping and not bearing any weight on her rear left leg, out of no where yesterday, so I took her to work with me and had the doc check her out and she said she is LAME :shock: in the rear leg do to a pinched nerve it could take months for it to heal and she put her on Zubrin 25mg once a day :cry: My poor baby!! And to top it all off she is 13 days into her heat cycle!!! :shock: Foxy wont leave her alone and keeps trying to mount her and it hurts her back leg!! I dont want to keep the poor thing caged up but when I am at work I guess I will have to so Foxy doesnt hurt her. She has never been caged before :shock: She is gonna hate me :? And she is not going to understand why She is being locked up. Oh it is gonna break my heart if she cries :cry: :cry:
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Aww, I feel so bad for you and Echo. Is there not something more that can be done? :(
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