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good news its his hormones!!!

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k i took jacob to his dog club tonight and i had a good chat with the man and lady who run it and they spent alot of time with us trying to explain what his prob is as you all know iv been worrying about the snapping well apparently its his hormones and when he is on the table at the moment i should be stroking him and constantly re assuring him as he has started to get a bit worried on the table and apparently i should do this at home as well put him on my grooming table and just stroke him and let him know its ok they said they have had boy pups that do it around this age and as long as i keep perservering with all the reassuring he will be fine and get out of that stage im real pleased as we tryed it all out tonight and he was so much better
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So glad you got to the bottom of it all and your beautiful Jacob can settle down and concentrate on impressing the judges. :p He's so very gorgeous as are all your babies. You new siggy is lovely, really eyecatching. :lol:
thanks i am really pleased now we can concentrate on getting over the prob the siggy is soooo nice i love it vala made it she is so good at making them
Yay for the Jakester and his hormones! :wave: :lol:
going through puberty can be stressy :lol:

i bet jacob will be a major prizewinner :wave:

kisses nat
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