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well stefanie_farrell just caught me, i thought i would get away with out introducing my self, i've been here about a week or two posting away

so I'm Nicole (hi Nicole :p ) every one says

i have a almost 7 month female longhaired chi named mina.
um i'm a lazy speller even tho there is spell check here. i got mina in Burlington ONT. Canada from private owner, but now realising it was prob a back yard breeder. she seems healthy except for a under bite that real ugly and cute at the same time. i have 2 kids-girl-11 and boy- 7. I wanted more kids but they are more of challenge then expected so mina is the baby and always will be. it think that the best about chi's is you can baby em with out serious behavior disorders when they are teenagers. Kidding he he.

um what else, i like to make clothes out of used clothing so far made her 3 really cute sweaters and now working on a harness

thanks for letting me in

take care niki

OK i'll spell check :roll:

im such a dork i miss-spelled my name
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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