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Got Furniture?

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I was just curious if anyone's baby has furniture? I think I am going to get the set below for Lola. :)
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wow,that is so pretty!where can you buy it?
i got a specially made bed for coco by a desighner and its beutiful but its made from some special wood and i would rather something pink and girly and i bet that set would probally be cheaper than what my dad paid for this man in london to make this bed!!!and coco doesnt even like it!
I really love it too and it is handmade! You can purchase the set or seperate here:
i love all the pink stuff even though coco is a boy!
what i have is like the stuff like they have in the oak which is lovely but i just love pink and girly!!!!
How cute - they have some beautiful things on this site, and at least a portion of the proceeds goes to help support animal rescue.

If I had room, I'd love the wardrobe and bed. But my house is small, and I couldn't possibly fit any more furniture in and still have room to walk. LOL
Great site, though.
Love it!! I just use "childrens chairs" for my three! I buy the little chairs shaped like animals at "Toys R Us". They love them!! :D
Oh that set is precious! I got furniture for my baby and I just got him yesterday! I have a big room so I just got him a sectioned of baby fencing area with his furniture, food, and toys^^ He loves it and so do I!
Gadget has a queen size bed (soon to be king size).. A couch, a chair, and a 4 drawer dresser.... of course he has to share his bed, his couch and his chair with us.. but his dresser is all his...
he also has part of a bench at the table... heheheheh only when mom sews tho...

he has a set of steps out side and his green carpet he thinks is grass... he hasn't figured out how to get up on the patio chairs yet...

oh yeah and a very exspenive feather pillow (king size no doubt)

that furniture is cute...
very cute furniture. chiwi has her doggy bed that is parked ontop of my bed and it came with a small mini pillow (about the size of a computer mouse maybe a bit bigger) a sheet and part of a rolling storage unit for her clothes and collars that don't even fit her yet lol.
I treat Snap like an angel so anything he wants, he gets. We went to Pet Supply Plus earlier today and picked out a carrier for him and he really loved this pink one. He has alot of pink things that he kind of picks out, it's really cute.
WOW! That stuff is soooo cute! Too bad it is WAY out of my price range! LOL! :lol: :D
That is just too cute, and they have the option of getting blue instead of pink. Now how should I convince Ash it's something I need not want... :wink: :lol: .
Wow that is super cute! ...and wow it's a lotta money's! lol I wish i could spend all my money on Lex. Lori and I are making Lex and Minkas beds, well pillow beds for our rooms and stuff, thats bout as much I can spend on stuff like it'll be fun!! hehe Were crafty! :D :D
I'm really having a dilemma, LOL. I want to get Seiah one but I don't know which one should I get the white or the other wood choices. I'm debating because I plan to get Seiah a sister in about 6 months and I thought it would be cute if Seiah got the white and blue, and the girl got the white and pink. But then the wood colored ones are classy looking. Any input? Thanks by the way, Mommy of Lola, for showing me the site. :wink: I owe you!!! I've been looking for armoires for a while.
I prefer the white and blue over the wood--but, that is just me. :wink:Either would be very cute though. Let me know when you get your set!
Lily has a 2 bedroom condo full of furniture. I'm just glad she's willing to share it with me. :D
That is soooo cute.
Punky has a sofa.
I think my boyfriend would kill me if I bought Hershey furniture... But I am willing to test that theory out LOL :lol:
Vanessa said:
I think my boyfriend would kill me if I bought Hershey furniture... But I am willing to test that theory out LOL :lol:
OMG I love his ears, he's so cute!
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