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Gotta love clearance!!

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All holiday items are 75% off now at Wal-Mart. So we stocked up on Christmas hoodies/sweaters. They were all just $2 each. At least we'll be ready for next year, haha.

Julian needs his more than ever now!!! He was starting to get rather matted despite regular brushing, so I finally put him in his pony clip and he feels so much better. Here's the "Before" pic I took of him modeling his hoodie:

And for those who like seeing CC pictures here he is "After."

(I just LOVE this pic... he'd just jumped down and I caught him right as he landed and his hair was all poofed. Looks like he was electrocuted LOL.) I just LOVE this breed; they fit so well with the chihuahuas!!!
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Super stylin'! I'm going to have to go check out the sales.
Cute clothes, if only we had Walmart here. There is nowhere to get cute clothes at cheap prices here. Love that last pic of Julian, priceless!
What breed is Julian?
awww what great prices!!!! :D i just love a good deal :) they look so festive for the holidays! hehe ;)
I love the last picture looks like he has just come out the tumble dryer xx
You lucky lady, always find the most unbelievable deals!!! :p
Your crew is adorable in their new gear! :)
I don't understand why you posted a picture of Einstein though???!!! (I'm referring to the last pic) ROFL :lol: :laughing3: :laughing9:
Same hairdo!!! :p
But obviously Julian is much cuter! ;)

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LMAO!!! I can most definitely see the resemblence haha.

And yes, both Julian and Tequila Rose (last 2 in my siggy) are Chinese Cresteds. They are not the hairless variety that most people know, but the coated version known as the "Powderpuff." Same breed just different hair.. (just like a LC or SC chi.) For a very long time, breeders were actually culling powderpuffs that appeared in their litters. Then they learned more about genetics and realized how important the Puff was in preserving the breed's integrity; as they had just been breeding Hairless to Hairless the dogs were looking less and less like the 'standard.' Roached backs, too tall, etc. Realizing how important the powderpuff was (it's the recessive gene) they finally got their recognition. They're a beautiful little dog; very bright, very affectionate; but still most people only know of the hairless variety when they hear of a Chinese Crested. I love powderpuffs because I can still put them in the cute flashy "pony clip" as I did for Julian in the last picture; but not have the skin issues that seem to be common in the Hairless type. Plus, I can let their fur grow out for a while and it still looks good (Tequila hadn't been shaved since early September but since the fur grows in evenly it looks fine.) Unfortunately, people putting their puffers in "pony clips" has gotten some controversy lately (in the show world, I mean; for pets it's really just preference) but some people have been known to shave down their powderpuffs as I did BUT actually try showing them as Hairless. The hairless often have missing teeth (it's natural/normal for them) but the powderpuffs do not. People like the flashy, thick-furnishing look and sometimes they "cheat" to get that look. For me I just do it for convenience; they're just pets and no need to keep them in a full coat. And whenever anyone asks of their breed, I always tell them they are Powderpuff Chinese Cresteds. People don't know they exist and are often surprised to see what they expect to be the "worlds ugliest dog" to have such a truly striking appearance. Not to mention they are typically less expensive (since they are less popular) than the Hairless. I have had HL cresteds too and they are all wonderful little doggies; I just really fell in love wit the powderpuff type!!
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Gotta love the sales!
hi got to get to walmart and get some good buys for buster your family is all so cute modeling there new dudes
Aww, great deals! I'll have to peek next time we're at Wally World. I did catch some sales last year so hopefully will this year too! Love the pics of your crew...your CC's are beautiful & I love Julians new "do"!
Great deal! I was late going to Walmart, I didn't get any :-( Better luck next year.

Love Julia's last pic, she looks like a diva!! LOL!
Wow.. you got some adorable things for them and I just love love love your poofy crested!! Such an awesome shot!! haha
I LOVE cc dogs once Bijoux and I move out and are stable we will be adding a CC girl to our pack. I was going to get a CC instead of a chi but discovered the girl was a "greeder" so we passed : (
cute pictures.
May I ask, what happened to her nose? it's all brown.
Not sure which dog's nose you're talking about...? All my chihuahuas have chocolate noses as they are chocolate tri-colors. Julian's nose has always been solid black. Tequila's nose is pink, but tans to a dusty chocolate color in the summer; and fades back to pink in winter.
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