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grazia add!

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Has anyone seen the new grazia add with the chihuahua's chasing that woman?
so cute!

Love n hugs
Sydney and Minka xXx
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I have!! I never caught who it was for though, so I didn't know what to post! Hehe, that's cool someone else noticed it! :lol:
Ohh yeah I love it , it's such fun :D makes me smile every time I see it :lol: I want all 3 of them :D
me either :cry:

kisses nat

there is however a cool magazine advert for Archers with chi's
that ad is brill love the chis as soon as i see it i was like oh oh oh oh lol
Its a great ad! love the one that grabs onto her leg :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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