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In my search for my new Chihuahua I have come across some great looking babies at some good prices. if anyone is looking for any Chi's I would be happy to forward any info I have found on available Chi's.
Most of the ones I have saved are the ones hat are decently priced or may be a bit more then cheap but were super cute so I saved them anyway. I can't vouch for any of them because Most i have never seen in person and am only forwarding what the breeder has sent me.

Right now the 2 best deals I found were one little teacup boy , golden blonde creamish with a great price because it includes shipping.

the other great deal is a fawn long hair female in the southern Maryland area . very reasonably priced for a longhair female and I think the lady could be bargained down a bit more. I also found a few more good prospects but those two were the best bang for the buck so to speak.
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