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I found this site that do great hoodies for staffordshire bull terriers. i contacted her as she does puppy hoodies "my first hoodie" ect...
and asked would they fit a chi. She was more than happy to make her clothes for all sorts of dogs :D
She does any colour.. and you can have any words on the back at no extra price and the union jack.
There great prices too and I think they look fantastic :)
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Those ARE really cute... and cheap, even with the money conversion! Those of us in the States would probably end up paying about the same thing with shipping that we'd have to pay at a store here.

I love the photos of the puppies in the hoodies, too.... they're just adorable.
yes Ive been speaking with the lady who runs it for the last few days shes so lovely. I love the blue hoody on a puppy, I think im going to get that with Romeo or Jayden on the back, whatever my pup is named lol
jayden !!! :D

love the site !! those pics are so cute !!

kisses nat
I think they're proper boyish!
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