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Greenies - expensive but yummy

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Cooper LOVES Greenies (we get the petites, although they just came out with tinies). I found them at a feed store when I first brought him home and he was chewing on everything. The lady at the counter suggested them because they're not hard and wouldn't harm his puppy teeth. They're very waxy-looking.
Anyway, he's had a Greenie every day of his life right after dinner and he absolutely goes crazy for them. The vet also says his teeth look like puppy teeth - no tartar or anything - and he's 2 1/2 years old.
I have yet to see a dog that turned down a Greenie. You can find them at Petsmart, Petco and most feed stores. Be warned - they're expensive but for an "average" sized Chihuahua, they really should only have one a day (or less) so a bag will last almost a whole month. They also have singles available at most Petsmarts if you want to try them out.
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I gave one to Gadget and he chewed on it for about 5 minutes and never touched it again...

He hasn't had another one. I give him CET chew sticks and chicken jerky.... he loves those...
Lily likes an occasional greenie but she's only allowed half at a time (even the real small ones, tinies?). The last time she ate a whole one she did green poop in her crate at daycare the next day. Half is just about right for her. :)
Rachael Polachek said:
Lily likes an occasional greenie but she's only allowed half at a time (even the real small ones, tinies?). The last time she ate a whole one she did green poop in her crate at daycare the next day. Half is just about right for her. :)
Chico did the same thing. I gave him a greenie and he had green poop. he's only had one greenie though in his entire life...he likes to chew on things, so i get him these spiral tendon things. they're all natural and totally digestible. he just LOVES them. i got him 2 from the place i buy his dog food at. i wanted to get him more because the store that sells them is like 10 miles away, but they're so expensive.
Fizzy likes them too , but eats them much to fast :shock: :lol:
So he only gets one tiny one a week :)
Each of mine get one a week...dnt think they could have one a day!
Gizmo Loves his greenies..I buy him the large size and that lasts for about 1 week and a half...I only let him eat a little bit, cuz of the green poop and he tends to get full...if it was up to him he would eat it all!!!!!

God bless the Greenie inventor...LOL
Sadie loves greenies! She could devour a petite size in seconds but we only give her half. Now that they have the tiny size I give her the whole thing.
My chis take their time and savor all of their treat bones, EXCEPT Greenies!! My do they love them! The first time I gave them to them I had had to start dinner, and when I came back into the livingroom, both dogs appeared to have eaten them I actually had to see if they hid them somewhere they ate them down so quickly :lol:
Cooper can suck down a petite sized Greenie in about 4 minutes. He's also a 10-pounder, so it's not so difficult for him. I saw the teenies at the store and they're so much smaller than the petites - I am sure Cooper would put the whole thing in his mouth and just swallow.

They are his absolute most favorite treat in the whole world. He'd pass up breakfast, dinner, filet mignon ... anything for a Greenie.

I just spent a mint on
They have great affordable items and are located in my state :)
That means fast shipping.
Thank you for that web site.
i bought bobo 2 teeny greenies today, just to see if he likes them. they were 25 cents each! man...... :eek: i dont know if he likes them yet cuz he's sleeping over his daddys house tonight.
Mine have the greenie bids once in a while i use them for training. I use to give them to Princess more often but she eats them in know time.I think they are great while they are teething they last longer.Princess got her first greenie petite when we took her in for her first vaccine and it lasted the whole waiting time and on the way home not any more now you see them now you don't.Anyway here is a link for a free greenie.
Re: green poop

I was just laughing how your chi's had green poops. :lol: It made me think of when Alex was like 2, she ate some fruit loops and she pooped and it was turquoise green. It was so strange but funny at the same time. :lol:
Oh my Marcus loves greenies, to the point I limit how many he can have. I usually get the petites but when I want them to last a bit longer I buy the larger size
My two love greenies... I get the little bits though... they are just little pieces. Ed can handle the petites.. but Emma can't so she mostly gets the bits.
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