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I bought the Petite Greenies for my Lola who's 4 months old. Then I read on the packet for 6 months and over!! Would they hurt if I continue to give them? She LOVES them!! :D

Lucie & Lola :wave:
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i know this may sound dumb :lol: but i don't know what greenies are.
i bought own for my dog once. but what do they do? is it just healthy?
Greenies are little green bones you find either in the dental aisle of your pet store or near the denta-bones in the treats area.

They help reduce bad breath, improve gum and teeth health and most dogs love them to pieces. The Greenies website also promotes them as being nutritious.

When I got Cooper, I was at my parents' house for Christmas and they live in the middle of nowhere. He was chewing on everything he could find so I went to the local feed store and the lady there suggested them because they're softer than other bones and would be easier on his little puppy teeth.

I've been giving Cooper a petite sized Greenie since that day and if they ever went out of business, I am sure we could find Cooper on the streets, trying to buy them on the black market or pimping himself out for a fix during an episode of "Cops".

If you read the packaging, they say the petite sized bones are for dogs 10-20 lbs. Cooper's been gnawing on them since he was weighed in ounces though ... and it didn't seem to stunt his growth or anything. However, if your pup is really small, you may want to try the "teenies" instead. They just began making them but I've seen them everywhere lately.
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even the petstore in my neigbourhood doesn't recommend them ...because they splinter ....... :? i'm lucky mine just don't like them :D

kisses nat
They splinter? They must be giving you inferior products in Europe or putting the same name on a different product ... the Greenies I give Cooper are waxy (almost like a semi-soft candle) and I can't even see how they could splinter.

I'll confess... I've actually bitten into one. I wanted to see what the big deal was. I didn't like them; they tasted a bit too salty.
Mine don't splinter! They do have like a waxy feel to them! Lola loves chewing on the petite ones that I bought but when she gets down to the last little bit I take it away! She's SO lazy too..... she makes me hold the end so she can chew! She does this with everything! Even her Kong! If she can't get her biscuits out she keeps giving it to me so I can loosen them for her!! :roll: It kinda defeats the object but its very cute! :D

Lucie & Lola :wave:
LOL cooper thanx , the one i got moka was shaped like a tooth brush and it was on sale and i just picked it so he could try it. the lady told me they were good. and i hurd the name soo much but didn't know what they were all about.

and you not alone with try'n dog food, i got moka some bone with "chocolate" so i knew chocolate" is deadly for dogs so i wanted to know if it was real and i tasted it , lets say I’ll leave it to the dogs!!! :lol:

wonder how many people try there dgos food?
I'm such a dork when it comes to things Cooper eats. If the packaging says "made of human grade food" or "all natural", I'll taste it.

I bought him some biscuits at Petsmart called Luv'a Bones (World's Finest Gourmet Dog Biscuits, or so they say on the box) in the Roasted Turkey and Sweet Potato flavor. When I opened the box, they smelled exactly like turkey and sweet potatoes ... the box says they're all natural, made with real meat and veggies and I couldn't resist so I ate one. Now Cooper gets mad at me when he sees me grabbing the box because he knows he's going to get one but I'm going to eat one too ... and that's one less biscuit in his box. :lol:

I don't know why I do that; probably because he tastes my food and turnabout is fair play. Plus, they're yummy.

I don't act like a dingaling with the cat's food. I just give it to her and leave it alone. Probably because she and I sleep in the same bed and I know she wouldn't think twice about suffocating me in my sleep. :p
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:wink: :wink: i think greenies are the same everywhere ....

they are green and in the shape of a toothbrush !! some say it's dangerous to give them ...because of little pieces that can get stuck in their throats . ( why would it be for over 6 months only )

but i bought them too , so it's not like i'm against them ....just thought i would let you know :wink:

kisses nat
Jamoka said:
LOL cooper thanx ,
it was not like i was attacking you :?

i've been a member for some time now ...and the subject greenies 'safe or not safe' is not new......

you can try the search mode ......

kisses nat
I think i've seen some greenies b4 if they're small - then obviously whilst eating it the bits can break up in the dogs mouth and they can choke - so it is easy to see how that could happen with a lot of things not only greenies!

My coco has choked before and its not nice very worrying so it's nice to let ppl know about the hazards if there is any!
it was not like i was attacking you :?

I didn't think you were attacking anyone and I'm sorry if it sounded like I was attacking you... I was just confused over the splintering because of the way the Greenies are made. Splintering sounds to me like a piece of wood or something with a woodgrain-type consistency.

The way I look at it, anything your dog, cat, baby, grandma, whoever - eats potentially can cause a choking problem. The only alternative is to not eat at all and, well, I'd rather choke. :D Especially if it's chocolate.
xx-nathalie-xx said:
even the petstore in my neigbourhood doesn't recommend them ...because they splinter ....... :? i'm lucky mine just don't like them :D

kisses nat
My vet doesn't recommend them either. It's not just the splintering. There have been some studies done and it was proven they hardly digest at all. Also, there was an autopsy done on one dog who died rather suddenly - the owner requested it. They found large clumps of greenies in the tummy and intestines. This was a large dog and apparently his owner give him a lot of greenies. The person who performed the autopsy confirmed that the greenies had eventually caused a blockage, leading to infection and necrosis, and eventually death.

Now, let me say this was a one time instance and no one really knows for sure if this was just a freak case, or if it happens to some extent in a lot of dogs. I tried to find the site where I read this, but couldn't. Just remember reading it on the internet. I did ask my vet about it when I was in last time, and she hadn't heard about it but did say she doesn't recommend them. She prefers the CET chews.

Your babies aren't the only ones who don't like them, Nat. I had bought a couple for Jasmine before I spoke with my vet, and she would have nothing to do with them. Course she doesn't like the CET chews
either. :lol:

However, I do agree if you stayed clear of everything that could potentially cause problems, you and your pets probably wouldn't eat at all. It's just a matter of weighing the pros and cons, and making your own personal decisions.
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Today i was at petsmart getting some potty pads and i found these extra tiny pieces of greenies. They arent the normal toothbrush shape they are little teeny teeny pieces that you could use to train dogs... i dunno i just found that interesting... i didnt buy any though i just thought you all might like to know... :lol:
OH NO! :shock:cooper i wasn't thinking you were attacking me . i ment it thankx i didn't know about the things you talked about like i said thank you! :D
ilovekeiki said:
Today i was at petsmart getting some potty pads and i found these extra tiny pieces of greenies. They arent the normal toothbrush shape they are little teeny teeny pieces that you could use to train dogs... i dunno i just found that interesting... i didnt buy any though i just thought you all might like to know... :lol:
They have teenies that are a bit smaller than the petites too. The bag of bits (that's what I call it) always seemed silly to me. I figured if I ever bought those, I'd just put some in a bowl, pour some milk in there and let Cooper eat it like cereal.

I didn't think anyone was attacking anyone else - I think we all got our wires crossed. Can we all be friends now? :D
i thought milk makes them sick or gives them the runs
i've only given chico one greenie and it was because i wanted to know what all the fuss was about them :lol: he chewed away on it because chico is the type of dog that if you give him a chewie he'll chew it until its gone. then i read that some people are saying greenies are bad for dogs, and i'm not taking any chances.

i have to agree with nat...they can break very easily. chico was chewing on a small one and the thing snapped right in half...thats when i took it away from him. also, greenies have Cellulose in them which in my opinion, is something to be avoided. Cellulose's main source is dried wood! They clean it, process it into powder, and use it to add bulk to pet foods/treats.
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