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I bought the Petite Greenies for my Lola who's 4 months old. Then I read on the packet for 6 months and over!! Would they hurt if I continue to give them? She LOVES them!! :D

Lucie & Lola :wave:
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oh no!! :( Maybe I won't give them to her now I've read your posts!! :shock: It doesn't look like they would splinter or break easy though! :? And Lola choked on one of those little dog bone biscuit a while ago! She always plays with her treats and she was jumping around in her basket and I think she must of landed head first on it and it went straight down her throat!! Man... that was scary!! I didn't know what to do for her! She got it back up but I was freaking out! So I guess that's why I don't like giving her anything too small anymore! I'd rather her have a HUGE bone so she can't hardly get it in her mouth without chewing it!!
Maybe I'll try the CET chews if they're better!

Love Lucie & Lola :wave:
:eek: what are the cet bones never heard of them? i give my two chis some of the greenies bids for training older one i would give them to her when she was a pup cause she would grind them of cousre when she was teething.Once i saw that she would throw it up the next day i would just give them to her once every month now only the bids not even my younger pup cause i am more scared that she may gulp it. since she doesn't chew her food as well as my older one.
Thats why you need to know you're doggie 1st aid in case of choking and other emergencys which cld arise - its good to know what to do because then you can help them! :wink:
Where can I learn doggy first aid!!?? :D
There are many books out there about first aid for pets. I have a book (I can't find it right now, of course) that has EVERYTHING in it from why your dog does what he/she does to first aid.

I did a websearch on canine first aid and there are TONS of them out there but this is one that came up first:

You may also ask your vet about first aid for your dog. They may have some literature they can give you or actually show you how to do certain things.

I keep the phone numbers to the local 24-hour emergency vet clinic and the poison hotline on my refrigerator with a copy of the bill from Cooper's last annual vet visit and a listing of any other visits and why he went so I have that info handy if he does go to the ER clinic.

You can also buy or make your own first aid kits for your animals. The weblink above has a listing (on the left side of the page) of things you should have in your first aid kit and there are many other sites out there with the same info.
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