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Greetings from the sticks of Pennsylvania

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Hi there!

I have had a rescued Chihuahua for about two years. He is the first dog I've ever owned. His name is Nunzio.

He gets fleas every fall no matter what I do. Mercifully, they go away when it frosts and they don't return until October. We are currently dealing with yet another infestation.

My vet refuses to neuter him because he is 5.3 pounds and probably about eight years old by now.

He insists upon sleeping IN the bed, UNDER all the covers. Nothing else will do. Luckily, neither I nor my partner thrash around in our sleep.

He is also a racist towards non-Caucasians (a source of great embarrassment) and hates all men except my partner.

Why do I deal with this? Because he's adorable and he's family! He had a hard life before I got him.

I came here hoping for some guidance about his behavior and to meet other Chi owners. He is a rarity in our area.

So, that's my intro.

Hi, everybody!
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Welcome to CP,i can't understand why your vet won't neuter him ?????
Thanks for the welcome!

I live out in the country. The first time my vet saw Nunzi, he said "Mercy! Where'd you get one of those LA dogs?" That's what he calls him- an LA dog. He asked me if I carry him in my purse and thinks it's hilarious that Nunzi wears clothes to keep him warm (hoodies and coats, etc). He's a great guy- he's taken great care of my four kitties over the years.

I asked him if he could neuter him, and he just kind of grunted and told me 'he's an old man already, and too small'. Nunzi is about eight or so, and graying on his snout.
under the covers got do twist and turn all night but my baby girl has learned to get out of the way these days. I rescued mine two years ago also. The best free gift I have ever received in my life! Hope your lil one is well adjusted!
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