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I think for now on Daisy will be walking with Rocki. I tried to take her for a walk yesterday evening while hubby was suppose to be putting our son to bed. I carried her a bit till we got to the dirt road because she won't walk beside the road because the cars scare her. We go on the dirt road and a couple feet down she literally planted her legs and would not take another step. I tried walking while talking to her letting her know its okay shes okay, its fine. But hell no she was NOT budging. I finally after it felt like forever (15minutes) I decided it was best to turn around.

So today I decided lets try again but with Rocki. I didn't even have to carry her while we walked beside the road. But when we got to where we were yesterday and she stopped. So I picked her up and carried her for a bit put her back down and said told her walk. I only had to pick her up one other time because she kinda freaked when a lab started barking and Rocki decided to be big sister and protector and bark back to let the dog know this is my family.

We turned the corner and I put her back down and said, walk. Off we were again. Daisy was even keeping up with Rocki. I would stop every so often to pour either water in my hand or yes even let them drink from my water bottle or put some over their heads to cool them down.

I have to admit Rocki shocked me. On the way back we passed the lab again and Rocki went to bark back at the lab for barking at us and I told her no, ignore, and every time she tried to look at the dog (which I redirected.) On the walk by she didnt even bark at the dog once. And Daisy even calmly walked by the lab too.

On the way Rocki got me worried. We stopped in some shade and I was giving them water and Rocki literally sat, than laid down, and rolled to her side. All I could think OH NO!! God I hope shes okay! and I can't carry this dog. Daisy was patient and watched as I poured some water over Rockies face and gently rubbed in it. Rocki got back up and was ready to go. Has anyone elses dog done this?

So in less than 10 minutes we were home. I filled all the bowls with ice cubes and water. But Rocki was still panting pretty heavy. So I took her outside to the kiddie pool had her walk in to cool her feet off and than start using a bowl and pouring some water over her. Than I took the hose and let her drink from there and sprayed her down a bit. Daisy of course was staying as far as she could from the pool and hose. She was doing fine, not even panting anymore and was just walking around sniffing and rolling in the grass. Rockis panting was slowing down and she was seeming to be cooling off. Her gum color was fine, just her panting was pretty heavy.

I didnt think it was too hot for a walk its in the mid 80's. I think next time I'm bringing a water bottle with a squeeze like top so its easier to spray them down and drink from it.

But their both fine now and worn out as can be. It was a nice hour walk. Which for me was shocking that it wasn't as tiresome as it usually is and my legs weren't killing like they usually do. I didn't even have to use my inhaler once. But I will admit it wasnt too easy with a brusised foot, lol. But I'm over joyed with both Daisy and Rockis improvements today.

But all in all it was a great walk.
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