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As I said in my previous posts I took Niko into the vets on Friday to get his cherry eye fixed and to get him neutered. As the vet was pulling his eyelid back to put a stitch in his cherry eye popped back into place. She called me telling me that she would highly recommend leaving it be and to not tack it into place, kind of like there is no need to fix something that isn't broken. Well low and behold when I came home from work Saturday night it had reappeared!! I am upset because now he will have to go back into surgery, and I know how much he hated it of course. Another thing is the cost. To get him neutered and to get his cherry eye fixed which was originally planned would hav been $120 for both. To just get the cherry eye fixed would be $100 or over, and the neutering would be $70 if I got them done seperatly. Since I had originally planned to get both done and plans changed, would a vet give me some kind of discount do you think? I don't want to sound cheap but the costs just really add up over time!! If she doesnt offer should I ask? since it came back just a day later??
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