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Guess Carrier ***Updated***

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Hey ladies, I just found a new dog carrier made by Guess. I thought I'd share the info. in case there are any of you out there still looking for one. It's pretty big...I saw one in person, the store only had pink which is really cute. But the website for Guess also offers one in a Sand color, I got this one because I felt the pink was to feminine for Seiah.

And if your into Juicy Couture they have some on the Nordstrom's website.

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ooo! Super cute! Rather Snap likes it or not, I get him girlie things! Lol, but he is happy all the same :D Here's a carrier I got him:

I'm looking at a few for Cha Chi when he comes! I'm so excited, he is such a cutie!!

I just got him this new collar which he loves!

A tad expensive but it holds up real well and it's finally one Snappy doesn't itch at :roll: Lol :lol:

Well we're having a huge fourth of july party tomorrow, like we do every night and my dad and I are going to set some fireworks off now! Snap always stays in his "quiet place" during fireworks cause he is still afraid of them :wave:
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That is such a cute bag!!! And what a unique collar, you'll never loose Snap with that... :wink: . It is a little pricey but if he's happy then that all that matters.
looks great !!! i love it ....i would choose the beige one too

kisses nat
those are great - what is the web address ? :wave:
I found it on the guess website

Its very cute! I am a huge fan of pink but I think I like the sand on better.
Oops sorry yea the website is . Their shipping is really fast too, I ordered it on Sunday and they already shipped it out.
nice bag..i'm looking for a bag for my 2..they are very small and I want a small enough bag that doesn't look like Im going on vacation. lol. I love the Guess one...I think it's Petsmart that has some really cute ones on their site.

Kim in Mi
i think e bay is great for pet carriers i have a gucci one which i got off of there and it is real roomy
I just got the bag in yesterday and I loooove it. It's really roomy and the padding on the bottom is really soft. I was worried about the side pocket being to small, but when I got it in I realized that when they said side pocket they meant the entire left side was a pocket with it's own zipper and little pockets for a lead or whatever. Seiah just loves it in there and I totally recommend the bag to anyone slightly interested.
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