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Guess what!!!!!!

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I'm still getting her!!!!
the breeder e mailed me 2 day and said that her server was down for ages and busy with kids and pups and holls and stuff.
But that i am getting the baby girl for deffo!!!!!!!
YAY! i am soooooooooo happy!!!!

Syd xXxXx
:lol: :D :lol:
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*screams* yeah Im really excited for you - see it all worked out in the end - so when do you get to collect her and what does she look like :wave:
June 1st!! lil spring pup!
she's Fawn and fluffy!!
oh god now i have 2 think of names!!
i like Jolie (as in pretty)
and Demi (small)
Awwww I love Jolie very pretty
i like jolie too :p

i'm so happy for you!!

kisses nat
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just seing if tickers working yet lol

S xXx
congrates darling good for you very happy for you and i loveeee the ticker you have x :lol:
woooooooooo glad it worked out for you in the ends Sydney!!! Are you travelling far to get the lucky girl? xxx
Thanks!! yeah its quite far...not tooooo far though! its hampshire and im in london so its not to bad.. :D
I hope you find ur perfect chi very soon Stef!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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