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I'll "GUESS" 7-8lbs. But I have to add even breeders have to "GUESS" on adult weights on their puppies unless they know their lines inside & out & even then there is no sure way to know 100% exactly where they will end up. So going to a breeder doesn't mean they're going to know exactly how big a pup will be when it's grown. For example...I know someone who got 2 AKC reg puppies from a decent breeder. One pup was tiny...smallest in the litter, etc--suppose to be no more than 4lbs grown. The other pup was bigger & more solid. Was thought to end up a bigger Chi...8ish pounds or so. At 2yo tiny puppy is over 8lbs (and at a healthy weight too) & bigger/more solid puppy is in the 7lb range. They appear the same general size to the eye. But just shows that even breeders are left to guess as well. :)

Your pup is adorable, there is no doubt about that. Very neat coloring!
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