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GUINNESS: I Knew I Loved You...

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I made a little video of Guinness. You can literally watch him grow up.. sigh :-/

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That was so cute. I rated it a 10 :D :D
OMG that was wonderful!! Shame on you for not posting some of those cute pics on here :wink:
Woah i almost got teary there :oops: ..with the music and all,its awesome :wave:
That's the best collection of doggie pics I've ever seen. Of course it's a 10 (duh). :lol: There are 2 things that come through loud and clear:

1. He is incredibly well loved
2. That little boy sure does love his mommy

Really nice job, kiddo. :)
Awww I love the picture where he is looking over his shoulder w/ a smile! it's so cute!
that was the sweetest! he is adorable. i feel like such a nerd admitting to getting teary eyed too (i blame the song). i loved it! very good job
I love it... It gets a 1000% from me....

How did you make that?
stefania said:
Woah i almost got teary there :oops: ..with the music and all,its awesome :wave:
wow me too... :oops: i think it was the song lol! :lol: that was really really good - thank you for sharing it was great to watch!!! :)
Awwww great video, I really loved seeing him grow up!!
He's so cute, and you can see how much he loves you! :)

So cute!
that was beutiful!and so well done!
i loved the close ups of her sleeping and the pyjamas where stunning!
Thanks you guys :) I picked that song because before I got him I had a dream that I got a white boy - and I loved him anyway. This was when I was sure I was going to get a girl. So.. I knew I loved him before I even met him :) I really DID dream him into life :)

... as for how I made it.. I made it using WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER. If you have Windows XP, you should have it under ENTERTAINMENT :)
Oh wow my eyes were tearing up that was beautiful :wave:
What a bunch of softies we are, lol!
I loved it too. So very cute. :) :)
I was all bummed out because I didn't cry the first time and I'm the biggest softie I know. So I turned up the volume and watched it again. This time I cried. :lol:
That was precious!! He is such a cute little guy!!

How did you make that? I made one for my son and wanted to share it but it's always too big :(
Ok...I had to turn the volume off because I started to cry like a lil girl...LOL

Beautiful... :D
Do you think Chiwi saw the nekkie photos of Guin? :wink:
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