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I have always noticed that when we come inside Jaxx goes straight to the kitchen and sits on the rug in front of the sink until I come give him a treat (which are stored right off the kitchen in the utility room). I thought that is just a way that I trained him without meaning too. I always say lets get your treat when we come inside (now that he is house trained...before I carried the treats with me.)
The other day I noticed when I was doing laundry he was sitting on the rug at the sink watching me. He did not move until I closed the utility room door and went into the living room.
So I began watching every time I open the utility room door he goes straight to that carpet.
I noticed that when I say "food" to tell him its time to get his food he goes straight to the carpet as well (his food is in the utility room.)
I trained him that he has to sit to get his treat so that he is not jumping and tripping me while I am trying to get it for him but I did not mean for him to start going to that carpet every time I open the door. I don't give him treats unless he does something like go outside or we are working on training...but somehow he has decided that whenever the utility room door opens he is going to sit there to see if anything good comes out for him.
Does anyone's else have a chihuahua has habits like this.
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