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Hacking noise when playing

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When Coco gets in the zoomies everyday, recently she has started this hacking/gagging noise while running. No spit up, but rather like she is trying to get a good breath/and or exhale. I have been immediately picking her up and then she calms down. Sometimes she will drink water and calm down as well. Is this normal, or does she have a collapsed trachea or asthma?
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mine also do this - does she go quite rigid at the time it happens , I usually pick mine up and calm them down and rib their throat and it soon goes , it is a problem with the breed many peoples dogs have these reverse sneezes :wave:
It does sound like reverse sneezing. Scares the heck out of you the first time you hear it. I just gently stroke Lily's throat and she's fine within a few seconds. :)
I would also say that is probably just a case of reverse sneezing...its not harmful to your dog but it can scare the daylights out of you. Again like everyone said just pick up ur chi and calm her down.
Just as long as its not happening all the time and it doesnt last long you are fine. If you notice it becoming a problem or if she is having problems breathing then take her to a vet, sometimes it can be a collasping trachea and that is something that needs to be treated
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