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Had anyone fed Natures Variety Raw

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I had gotten a trial of the raw venesion and my guys loved was i think 12 bucks for a bag...was just wondering what you guys thought about this food and if was good...I like the ease of takin however many medallions you need from the freezer and defrosting them over nite and you have your food for the next day...I mix it with there kibble and they love it...I loved the ZP just too expensive when you have 4 dogs and 2 of them are boxers over 50lbs and the other is over 70lbs....just always like to get advice on what others have done . Thanks love this group :daisy:

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I used these as a few meals a week for my two when I was still feeding a combo of kibble and canned. I liked the convenience of them too and the dogs liked it as well. It seemed really expensive to me so I ended up going with Ziwipeak. If you think this is less expensive I think I will have a look at it again.
Hi, I'm thinking of trying there "Freezedried".
I think their freeze dried is not a complete and balanced diet, labeled for intermittent and supplemental feeding only but I am not certain so I would check it out on their website.
Hi MiniGrace
You are correct.
"I ponder if one could feed double to compensate that:confused:"
No, because it is a matter of balance, not amount.
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