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hair loss, and inflamed red ears

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:cry: :( my chihuahua's name is pepe and he is one years old. he just started loosing his fur around his hind legs and now has bald patches also he scratches his ears constantly and they are now inflamed, and red inside. does anyone know what this can be due to? he is on advantage flea control so he doesnt have any fleas. please any help would be appreciated. im also new to this site so bear with me.
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i would go the the vet asap!!! he has an an allergic reaction or a skin disease or something..........

kisses nat
I would take him to the vet. There are many things which can cause hair loss - demodex (mites), ringworm, hormonal imbalances, flea allergies, just to name a few. I think you would need to have him evaluated by a vet to determine what is causing the hair loss, itching and red ears and prescribe proper treatment. I had a chi once that was allergic to flea bites, and even one or two fleas on her could cause all sorts of problems. Poor baby, you know he must be very uncomfortable. Keep us posted.
i would also take him to the vets asap they will do a skin scrape as it sounds like some sort of parasite like mange :wave:
Has your chi been vaccinated for rabies lately? If so, is the hair loss at the vaccination site? What part of the ear is red and inflamed? Inside or on the pinnae?
make an appointment with the vet. hair loss and itching need to be addressed and treated asap, especially if it's mites, a skin infection (like a staph infection) or allergies. the ears make me think allergies, just because my pointer used to get really inflammed itchy red ears with her allergies.
Please take Pepe to the vet as soon as humanly possible. I have no idea what it is but at the very least, it's got to be causing him some unbearable discomfort. I wouldn't wait another minute to have him looked at.
OMG...I'm sorry to hear that. I would take him to the vet immediately. :(
itching, red inflamed ears

i took pepe to the vet today and they did a skin scraping and found nothing. they gave him resolution topical flea medicine and told me to give him kids benadryl and we will see where it goes from there.
I am so glad to hear that you took your furbaby to the vet and that it doesn't seem to be too serious. Maybe it's an allergy. Some dogs get inflamed ears from eating food with wheat in it. If the Revolution and Benadrl don't do the trick, talk to your vet about changing your pup's food to an allergy-free formula. :)
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