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Happy Halloween from Odie!

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I tried a chihuahua stencil this year and couldn't resist getting a pic of Odie beside it. As you can see by the way she's holding her ears, she's not impressed with sitting on a table, but she doesn't seem to mind her costume! Happy Halloween from one busy little bee! :)
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omg I love it! you did a awesome job! Happy Halloween and your baby is adorable!!! =)
Wow you did such a good job!!
Aww bless little Odie not liking it up there.
Thanks! I added one more pic to the original post of her looking a little more happy at a howl-o-ween party, although it was freezing outside.
Happy halloween! Great job on the pumpkin!
Maybe Ill give it a go next year :)
Super cool, and such a cute baby!! : )
Aww SO sweet, I'm going to get cavities!!! lol Seriously very cute bee you have!:p
GREAT JOB! That looks awesome!! Happy Halloween little Odie!!! :D You're so cute!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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